My Reflection about Freelancing

Dramatic demographic changes in the cultural and linguistic diversity of people are occurring in many nations throughout the world and it is a widely accepted dictum that business, trade, art, cultural values and as well as the education also globalizing and virtualization.It has encouraged higher education institutions to modify their r curricula on one hand and on the other hand to devise strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners through providing them with the opportunities of meeting, communicating and living together with the people of diverse Knowledge. In the given circumstances Virtual Entrepreneurship is playing a vital role regarding  meeting the aforementioned needs through providing opportunities to students ,stakeholders and other  people who are searching jobs and business.Also, these type of projects can support to build connections between culture, communication, and internationalization. I believe that understanding of the relevant capacity building programs in Virtual Entrepreneurship filed  can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an individual exponentially.

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed. There is a misconception that people who do online work are freelancers. There is a difference between online work and freelancing. Freelancing can be online or not online. It’s just a concept that you do work for someone without being a part of their company.

Greater changes that taken place including the Information technology field and  virtual field  I am convinced that individual can also perform to understand the perplexity of the online business  and freelancing  and act according to improve their quality of life and empowered the society.

Being a developing nation, the rural areas of Pakistan in general and Gilgit-Baltistan in particular lag behind in basic opportunities and facilities such as internet world and Freelancing career.  it is envisaged that proposed training program which is organized by Aga Khan Economic Planing Board through financial of support of Aga Khan Rural development programmed (AKRS,P) provide me the opportunity to exchange my ideas and experience with professionals,students  from different background , and freelancers. I am quite convinced this programmer is  fruitful for further polishing my skills also broaden and deepen my knowledge on the topic. I am also confident that after completion my contribution on the subject will be even more effective and comprehensive.

Also, trainers are quite confident,competent and  grasp on the subject. They providing equal opportunities to participants of varying cultural backgrounds regardless and gender.



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